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A Wonder to Behold

"God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good." - Genesis 1:31

Isn't God's creation a wonder to behold? I'm always amazed when I watch the Discovery Channel or a National Geographic special on an in-depth study of an animal I've rarely seen, gaining insight about what makes them unique and how they survive.

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What people are saying about the daily devotion:

“What an incredible message. I love the daily devotions that are sent out every day because it helps me get my day started off right.” - Tony

“Thank you and thank you again! I look forward to my One Minute Daily Devotion daily!.... I feel I have become happier and more peaceful. People tell me that I am always happy, but you have stirred a deeper godly happiness for His sake since reading The Daily Devotion!” - Sophia

“Thanks for all you guys do...these daily devotions are incredible. I started using them last year in college and they were a great way for me to get my focus on where it should be....It's cool to see how God is working EVERYWHERE and through EVERYTHING” - Isaac

“I enjoy my time in your devotion every morning before I begin my work day! Thanks for the seeds! I hear you from time to time on the radio, too. What a blessing your ministry is!” - Anonymous

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