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We Can't Just Ignore The News Apr 09 2012

"...I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly." - John 10:10b

We're constantly bombarded with bad news on newscast after newscast. It's depressing. The harsh reality of the daily news challenges those who believe that man is inherently good and the world is getting better.

The Bible tells us the truth. Human beings are not innately good and kind, and society is not progressing toward universal peace and harmony. Why, just the opposite is true! Man's sin is a constant reality and if we don't want to believe it, we can just ignore the news and refuse to lock our doors at night.

There is good news, however. God is in control of history and anyone who acknowledges his need for God in Christ holds the key to inner peace and security. For in Christ, whether we live or die, we can't lose. Christ gives us the key to eternal life and living this life victoriously.


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i thank your ministry for the love of GOD, to win more souls for the kingdom of GOD, which iam one of them,this devotions is really helping me daily shaping my spiritual life 1corinthian 13 is coming to life. ihope you will keep on feeding my soul until it goes back to our heavenly father , halelujah _glory be to GOD


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